Elderly Care

I share the opinion that the government should be responsible for for the elderly.  I don't believe the responsibility should rest on their shoulders alone, however the government should have an active role in providing care for them.

The cost of taking care of the elderly, by facilitating viable homes for them, should be a cost the government budgets for.  I acknowledge that a need exists for the care of persons of this age group as they are vulnerable to numerous abuses by society itself.  

Provision in the form of old age homes and fostering a viable community with adequate protection would be of great benefit for families and the society at large.  No one can stop father time and he has cripple many with just the ticking of the clock.  As such what we ourselves have done for society by maintaining its sustainability needs to be rewarded by said society in providing facilities that accommodating to us when we are unable to work.

A family has less resources available and thus would need assistance from the government in providing a safe environment for their loved ones to live.  The care of the elderly is much like that of our children.  This is so as both need to be constantly monitored and both are treasures and play an important role in our society.

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