It is a fact that Jamaica is a developing country and our commute is done via cars or buses.  This for the most part can be enjoyable, when you are leaving Kingston of course.  This is because Kingston is a city, if you are someone like me who loves to drive you won't be turned off by the fact that Jamaica doesn't have the best roads and you would prefer the rural areas for the most part. 

City Driving

The majority of Jamaicans may say this is an understatement (the lack of roads and infrastructure) but remember this is my view not the consensus on the matter. When you are on a journey which takes you out of Kingston to whichever parish for a vacation, visiting relatives or just site seeing driving becomes pleasurable.  If you live in a city you will know that it’s a place that has heavy pollution of all sorts and you can’t escape the usual congestion due to huge traffic which stems from the fact that it is densely populated.  This makes driving cumbersome and stressful.  I say this to illustrate the difference which is; when you are driving in Kingston it feels like a chore but when you are headed out to any of the several parishes which are known for their good scenery driving becomes luxurious.  This is the way it feels to me when I am driving out of Kingston, the change in atmosphere alone makes driving a soothing and enjoyable exercise.

The Difference

The difference can mostly be attributed to the change in scenery as well as climate.  Cities are usually hot and there are only two sites available buildings and roads.  However, in the rural areas of my country it’s quite the opposite, so when I am driving I get a sense of freedom and space.  Living in a city has many advantages but a major disadvantage I found to be true is that it drains you body and soul.  So it’s obviously natural to feel great when leaving an environment such as this but the difference with Jamaica is that it has a wide range of scenery that can only be described as therapeutic to the mind.  This allows for real relaxation and comfort which is vital if you are looking to be replenished.  In my island that is what it feels like to drive away from the city and leaving the monotony of this "city life" behind.

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