Do You Rememba

I wrote this in 2000 and its still relevant:

Do You Remember

Do you remember a point in time when it was all about the music, when a clash was just a clash and every song seemed to make sense. I speak of a time period the late 80's and early 90's, and if you're a Jamaican like myself you know what I'm talking about. Remember the days when Buju Banton dominated the charts with hit after hits. When you went to a dance then you would not expect anything less than pure satisfaction.

I remember like it was yesterday; song after song, rhythm after rhythm, it was all about going to a fete, a dance or club just to hear and feel the music. Do you remember hearing a particular song and knowing the dance for it. What would the music be without the dancing in Jamaica. The different styles year after year forming a endless repertoire of moves. I personally could not keep up.

Remember these artist

As a Jamaican you know what I'm talking about, those were the days you heard artists like Terror Fabulous, Daddy Screw, Tiger, Wayne Wonder, Ninja Man, Supercat, Chakka Demus & Pliers you get the drift. As I don't think at this time I can make a list of every artist back those days lets recall two rising ones that are presently superstars. I refer to Bounty Killer & Beenie Man both I believe are the two most dominant D.J.'s still.

Remember the dances

Let me change the pace a little and return to the dancing. Only one name needs to be called where I am concerned and that's BOGLE. There was the song there was the dance and there was the man who continues to create styles to this day. Bogle was the first song I learned to dance to and after that came a barrage of others like Tate, Butterfly, Worl-a-Dance, Mock-the-Dread ect. At this point in time I could not tell you "what a run di dance floor" as I have heard and seen so many dance styles since then. All I can tell you is that the last dance style I as versatile at was the "Urkle". This style was modeled after a dance that was done by Jaleel White who at the time starred in the comedy series Family Matters as the character known as Steve Hurkle.

Any Jamaican who has read this may be inclined to say that I have not touched much of what the 80's early 90's was all about especially because there are a lot of artistes that I have yet to mention who basically formed the music industry at this specific time. Some of these are Professor Nuts, General Trees, Admiral Bailey, Loving Dear, Capleton ( who is now the prophet ) and a host of others for this I do apologize. However there is one artiste who will not be forgotten even when I am and that artiste has to be mentioned no matter the time period of Jamaica's music and that man's name is Bob Marley.  I need not to go further on by telling you anything else pertaining to this man as his music is present today and speaks volumes.

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